American Land

Editorial, Publication, Typography

Creative Challenge

Create an exhibition catalog dedicated to painter and talented artist Vincent Valdez. His work challenges Americas’ history by depicting strong imagery of social issues, racism, and injustice in contemporary environments. His heavy use of traditional black and white references life and death, past and present, and the old and new. Valdez has focused his work and used his platform as an artist to bring awareness to existing structures of social injustice towards people of color.

Solution & Strategy

The exhibition images are curated by myself. American Land: A Rude Awakening by Vincent Valdez focuses on showing the work of the painter in six sections. The display type is ’Volkhov’ which helps rekindle the strong references to American history by giving a sense of tradition and well-establishment. The body copy type is ’Proxima Nova’ which complements and gives order to the exhibition. I used a line element to give visual direction and hierarchy to certain parts of text. The result is 6' x 9' exhibition catalog with dark and stunning display of contrast of images and type that help inform Valdez’s story.

Artwork Vincent Valdez