Branding, Art Direction, UX/UI

Creative Challenge

The purpose of most brain research facilities is to develop research without much contact with patients and their health. It is with this in mind that Neurohealth came to fruition. This project started from a mark that attempts to play with waves and neurons but is in fact an abstract and unique logo of a brain. Mental health is a growing concern in the US and the consistent increase of brain related traumas and injuries bring more attention to the issue around brain health care. In order to expand awareness and create a comfortable easy approach to understanding mental health, the objective is to bring people to the landing page and allow users to schedule a consultation.

Solution & Strategy  

Neurohealth is a team of multidisciplinary doctors and research specialists’ that stride to translate research findings into innovations that benefit people as quickly as possible. Their team of experienced doctors and leading researchers bring a comfortable and safe approach to understanding the brain. The color palette is based on color theory, blue is a peaceful and creates a comfortable atmosphere for this clinic and its patients. The complementary color is orange which is used to bring attention to headlines and CTA’s. The type is ’Proxima Nova’ which carries a variety of weights and is super clean and legible making it accessible and easy to read across all platforms and media. The overall goal is to bring people to the website where they can be at ease about learning more about mental health and schedule a consultation.


Graphis New Talent, 2021, Logo, Silver