Branding, Art Direction, Packaging

Creative Challenge 

This brand identity grew from a mark that combines an armadillo, and a guitar, to create a southern musical blend of Texas zen. This brand inspires to connect people of all playing styles to the same passion. Charango believes guitar strings are the connection between the guitar and the soul. 

Solution & Strategy


Charango is a term for a guitar that is made out of armadillo skin which I found out after I created this mark so naturally it became the name. Charango combines the rich history of musical traditions with the latest innovations in string making for unprecedented feel and tone. The colors are based on the tones of stains used on guitars for a natural and rustic effect. The primary type is ’Museo Slab’ which intents to give an established look to the brand rooted in tradition. The campaign runs through the tagline ”We believe strings are the key ingredient” because guitar strings unite the user to the experience of playing the guitar. The goal for the packaging is to stand from the crowd and link back to the enthusiasm of holding an actual guitar.


Graphis New Talent 2020, Logo, Silver

AIGA Flux, 2020, Logo, Published

Art Direction Joel Nieto

Photography Alex Nieto