Branding, Art Direction, Packaging

Creative Challenge 

Speaking of the devil, the market for cannabis is soon to be here. This project started as an exploration for a logo I made in a trademark class that evolved into a whole brand identity. Beyond trying to make another cannabis logo, this mark is striking because of its connection to the common street phrase used to perpetuate its misconception. Cannabis is a superfood that should be celebrated rather than compartmentalized. 


Solution & Strategy 

Ending the negative stigma associated with the cannabis culture has never been easier with Devileaf. The campaign is centered around the tagline ”Good As Hell” which provokes a humorous misleading disposition. The color palette plays with the natural colors found on the shaggy buds in the flowers themselves. ’Gin’ is the primary type and it reinforces the horns and tail of the logo with the use of its sharp serifs. ’Proxima Nova’ is the secondary type which is very legible and clean. The goal was to bring together a sophisticated look to a medical grade product by giving a more elevated and mature sense to the packaging. Their locally sourced ingredients provide a safe, enjoyable, and therapeutic experience to new and frequent cannabis users. 

Graphis New Talent, Packaging, Honorable Mention

Art Direction Joel Nieto

Photography Alex Nieto